Our Repertoire

Always innovative, exciting, and filled with fun and a sense of humor, Swing Cats choreography is anything but dull. Not only do the Cats produce great homegrown numbers, our repertoire also includes dances created by world-renown lindy hoppers like Norma Miller!

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720 In The Books - Choreographed to the music of Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, this exciting piece combines classic and modern Lindy Hop with jazz and Swing Rueda for a whirlwind of a ride. This routine can be performed with the live band.
Band Stand - Relive the bopping 50's with this fun filled swing performance. Poodle skirts and bowling shirts take you back, along with high energy swing moves and free-spirited dancing that make you want to jump to your feet.
Big Apple - A thrilling fast tempo piece composed of jazz, Charleston, and Lindy steps performed in a circular formation. This modern version borrows moves from the classic Big Apple (originated in South Carolina night-clubs and popularized by dancers in Harlem) while adding modern Lindy moves and rousing partner changes to build the excitement.
Bill's Bounce - A high energy classic Lindy piece that explodes out onto the floor and leaves you holding your breath with its high speed footwork and numerous aerials.
Black Coffee - A hot, brisk contemporary piece that will get everyone going! Full of humor and sass, you'll love this fresh serving choreographed by Kevin St Laurent and Jo Hoffberg to music by the Careless Lovers.
Breakin' In A Pair Of Shoes - Elegance and class meet furious fun with Audrey Kanemoto's latest Jazz creation! The attire may be stiff, but the shoes won't be after you see this!
Charleston - Flash back to the roaring 20's with fringed-skirted flappers and dapper young gentlemen. This original choreography by Rob and Diane brings the exuberance of the Prohibition era to life.
Decade Megamix - From the 50's Grease up to the millenium's Bring It On, this piece is sure to make you chuckle in no matter which decade you were born.
Everybody Loves My Baby - Choreographed by Julie Tsai and Trevor Gattis, this Fats Waller tune has a great mix of Lindy Hop, jazz, comedy, and more!
Frankie Manning Worldwide Choreography - This routine was created by Peter Strom and Ramona along with the help of Skye & Frida to honor Frankie at his 95th birthday celebration in NYC. It is comprised of mainly classic Frankie moves and choreography so that lindyhoppers from all over the world could learn the choreography and perform it together at the event. For everyone who wasn't able to make it, they could upload it to YouTube as their gift to Frankie on his birthday. Check out the Swing Cats performing at Stanford's Big Dance.
Goody Goody - Choreographed to the music of Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, this swinging piece combines East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Shag and a little jazz for quite a show. This routine can be performed with the live band.
Grease - Whip out your hair gel and your poodle skirts because this one will take you back to the Grease decade. Be prepared to enjoy fun loving choreography to the popular hits of Greased Lightning and You're The One That I Want.
Musicology - The Swing Cats repertoire expands into the 90's with this lindy and hip hop infusion performed to Prince's Musicology.
My Blue Heaven - Choreographed by Jodie Foreman, this Lindy Hop routine is a playful routine with dynamic movement, intricate transitions, and light hearted fun.
Norma's - Choreographed by the legendary Norma Miller, this routine presents the rhythm and syncopations of jazz--the musical root of swing.
Nutcracker - In this seasonal piece performed to a tune from the Nutcracker, the Swing Cats Rhythm Revue act out a comical piece in which a young window shopper's imagination seems to get the best of her.
Shag - The Swing Cats recreate the fun that popularized the freewheeling collegiate shag on college campuses in the 1930's. Watch these kids as they give you the shag, complete with crazy legs, chicken pecking and other wacky antics!
Shorty George - Infused with traditional jazz moves this energetic piece blends classic and modern lindy hop and features exhilarating solos that showcase the team's individual talents.
Swingin' The Blues - Choreographed to the song 'Swingin' The Blues', this song incorporates fun jazz, fun transitions, and cool lindy hop fun!
That's On Jack - The Cats get down with the Cats and the Fiddle in this quick paced, fun filled routine.
The Classic - The Cats tear it up to the classic tune 'Jumpin' at the Woodside', incorporating classic moves and choreography .
The Rehearsal - When trying to rehearse one of their dance pieces, two Swing Cats get taunted and spooked when their reflections come to life.
Toulouse Stomp - This wild and upbeat partnered line dance combines classic jazz and swing moves with a twist. Choreographed by famed dancer/instructor Angela Andrew, Toulouse Stomp is a free spirited and unique swing line dance inspired by Leonard Reed's Shim Sham and Ryan Francois's Jitterbug Stroll.
Traffic Jam - The din of a busy morning street sets the stage for the chaos and traffic jams that fuse lindy hop and jazz in this brilliant piece by Chester Whitmore.