About The Troupe

The Swing Cats Rhythm Revue is the San Francisco Bay Area's hottest Swing dance performance troupe! Founded by world-renowned instructors, Rob and Diane van Haaren, the group specializes in Swing Era dances from the 1920's to 1940's. The Swing Cats' repertoire includes: classic jazz, flapper-girl Charlestons, crazy-legged Shag, fast-paced Lindy Hop with heart-stopping aerials, and everything else in between and beyond!

From its beginning in 1998, the mission of the troupe has been to bring Swing Era dances to audiences worldwide through performance and instruction. At home in the San Francisco Bay Area, the place many have dubbed the hub of the modern Swing Revival, the Swing Cats have brought exhibitions and workshops to the area's swing communities from Sacramento to Monterey. Beyond their hometown, the Cats have been invited to perform at some of the most prestigious swing gatherings in the world, such as Camp Hollywood and Camp Catalina in Southern California, and Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.

Throughout the life of the troupe, it has showcased some of the best dancers in the Bay Area. The members have trained with the very best in the world, and famed performers and choreographers such as Norma Miller, Chester Whitmore, and members of The Rhythm Hot Shots have all contributed to the choreographies and stunts in the Swing Cats' repertoire. The troupe's focus on rejuvenating the traditional swing dances such as Savoy-style Lindy, Shag, and Charleston has made their repertoire unique among groups in the swing landscape today. No other group can offer such a breadth of swing knowledge and performance. Their focus on precise execution and performance training has won them the respect and admiration of those in swing communities worldwide. Best of all, their focus on fun and creating an enjoyable dance experience has made them one of the most well received groups for audiences everywhere!

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